“This Seattle-based artist’s music lingers in a stark, blackly outlined winter landscape with shadowy, whispering instrumentation and fluid melody. The record hovers somewhere around folk, but with gothic tinges and bell-like guitars chiming throughout. Willow’s voice, reminiscent of Natalie Merchant and The Sundays’ Harriet Wheeler, is as warm, lilting, and alluring as they come. ...haunted and haunting, shot throughout with a deep, glimmering liquidity.”  ~ Performing Songwriter

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Radio Sky Video Release!

Radio Sky - Daughter of a Preacher Man tour!

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can of food = free copy of Lonesome Lo-fi Lullabyes

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Vote for Willow & The Embers Best of Western Washington Local Bands!

Willow & The Embers nominated for King 5 Best of  Western Washington!

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Sweet By and By

This was the church where my daddy preached from the end of my kindergarten year to the the end of second grade. Lawton OKlahoma. When I walked into the sanctuary on our Daughter of a Preacher Man tour (what seemed like a hundred years later) all the memories of those brief years came rushing back...or forward...

When I was a little girl, the song 'In the Sweet by and by' was one of my favorites. I think because the tune held the promise of finding family and forgiveness and redemption and all things better in the after life. I do not know if I believe that my people will be welcoming me once I "cross over", but I would like to believe that at some point in this life time - in this here and now - there can be peace and forgiveness and that there will be no more sorrow, only joy in the sweet by and by.

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