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Hey there my sweet friends,

I'm excited to announce that our single 'Kindling For a Fire' was officially released tomorrow, March 21st, 2020!!!

We are so honored to have been able to record our new album with producer, Dex Green, and are thrilled to be rolling out this ode to spring and fiery kisses on March 21st!

Now available on Itunes,  Spotifly, Google Play, and all your favorite listening platfolrms!

"The intensity of a kiss is like "kindling for a fire," ... if the kiss leaves, the fire will turn to ash. If the kiss stays, it will burn. The lyrics can be interpreted many ways, but the feeling of heartache and yearning is undeniable." - IndieSpoonful

Because of the recent turn of events and our desire to #flattenthecurve, we have had to cancel/postpone our upcoming show at The Basement.
For now, our live performances are on hold, and as a result our ability to get out there and promote the single is slightly dampened. But that's where you can come in!
By purchasing or streaming our single you not only help with the lost income from cancelled shows, you help spread the word. You can blast our song while practicing your social distancing!
We can pull together while we are physically apart :).

I encourage everyone to support your favorite #independentartists during this time by purchasing their music on iTunes (streaming pays fractions of pennies, purchasing a song(s) makes a huge difference financially!), it makes a massive positive impact in our lives & with potential months ahead where we have no opportunity to play live, anything is appreciated.
This is a great way to be a part of the 'Kindling For a Fire' release and our upcoming record!

As ever, we so appreciate your support of independent music and the importance it has in our world, and the difference it makes in our lives as artists.

I love you. Willow & Wood loves you. Music is love.
willow & wood