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New Single Released Today!


The Third Single From The Duo's Upcoming Album "Tornadoes in My Head" Nashville, TN –
Nashville, – Nashville folk noir duo Willow + Wood will release the third single from their new album Tornadoes in My Head September 25.

“Coming Down Hard” is a goodbye letter of sorts, a letter of letting go of the band’s hometown of Seattle, and welcoming a new life in Nashville. It is perhaps the hookiest on the album, a masterclass in confessional storytelling, anchored by a Music Row-sized hook. The song hints at Red Dirt Girl-Emmylou, mixed with the regret of a Dawes B-side ballad. It’s warm, but it makes you shiver. Ironically, it was the first song the band wrote when they moved to Nashville.

“We moved here towards the end of September, five years ago,” singer Willow Scrivner recalls. “I remember the first couple weeks were so dreamy and warm. Almost every day we'd get these crazy, late afternoon rains that would make for an incredibly steamy and sultry evening. Even though the rains were very different from the rain we'd get in Seattle, I couldn't help but be reminded of our friends and family we left behind and how much I missed them.”

Willow + Wood is Willow Scrivner and Kevin Wood, a married couple who create a sonic landscape of both solitude and beauty, hovering between the warmth of Americana and the cool darkness of gothic-folk. The band’s music is transcendent: both a study of the geography of place, and the constant search for home. Their songs ache with both hope and a broken heart. Those contradictions are at the core of what makes the band so special. Falling somewhere between dream pop and alt-country, they have created a sound rooted in a West Coast reverb-drenched loneliness, dripping with southern humidity and darkness – and determined to find the magic.

“Something about the way the recording of the song unfolded reminds me of the drive as you head east on I-90, Seattle in your rearview mirror, the misty Snoqualmie Valley and the Pass ahead,” she continued.

It’s a song that leaves most of America right out in front of you, coming down with the cold hard truth of moving on, tinged with just enough hope for the adventure. “Coming Down Hard” is available worldwide on streaming outlets September 25. The album, Tornadoes in my Head, will be released in October. www.willowsmusic.com