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                                                                                              Willow and Wood’s music is transcendent: both a study of the geography of place, and the constant search for home. Each of the 11 tracks on the duo’s new album Tornadoes in My Head aches with hope and a broken heart. Falling somewhere between indie pop and country, they have created a sound rooted in a West Coast reverb-drenched loneliness, dripping with southern humidity and darkness – and determined to find the magic. Vocalist/songwriter Willow Scrivner met guitarist/songwriter Kevin Wood at small Seattle venue called the Dubliner. They began releasing music that made them critical darlings in The Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Performing Songwriter and many others. They soon married – and found themselves growing tired of the grey of the Emerald City. Scrivner’s voice is part Stevie Nicks, part Kate Bush. She’s never afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, most importantly in “Hanging from the Stars”, a metaphor of a marriage gone wrong when one person forgets to look skyward. Wood follows close behind with Daniel Lanois-inspired guitar work, nudging the duo into a place somewhere between Emmylou Harris’ Red Dirt Girl and the best of Mazzy Star. Producer Dexter Green took the reins for Tornadoes in My Head. Most of the tunes ended up telling the story of trying to find your home, all the unraveling and stitching together of family and loss. The end result is a gorgeous landscape of storms and clear winter nights, a folk noir masterpiece of confession. It’s an album of energy and tension that never quite releases.