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“Every smorgasbord festival allows a no-risk sampling of new tastes, and Willow fit that bill at Bumbershoot. This waif-like singer led her band through a selection of stark downer songs. “Scotch is an old man’s drink, and I’ll take mine with water,” she croons. “Love is a restless thing and I lost mine to time and age.” Since it was an indoor show, there was no walk-in traffic — even if there was a steady flow of people in and out, between songs. Part of this was people being “Seattle polite,” but some could be attributed to the somber nature of Willow’s songs. If you were to get up in the middle and leave, she might just slash her own wrists…. Or not. She would finish a solemn song and then say something like, “One of my biggest fears about playing onstage is that my fly will be down and my guitar won’t be low enough to cover it.” Later, she provided the key to the enjoyment of depressive art: “Embrace the dark things in your life, and the light will be so much lighter.” “Some people no doubt took that advice home to ponder…” – Charles Bermant, Rollingstone.com