"Radio Sky" Seattle Weekly - Willow & the Embers, Radio Sky (out now, self-released, willowsmusic.com)

"Willow & the Embers, Radio Sky (out now, self-released, willowsmusic.com): West Seattle's Willow has a haunting and ethereal voice, and her songs can take on the same traits. This preacher's daughter makes delicate, ambient folk music, and for Radio Sky she adds a pair of musicians, Kevin Wood and Bob Congleton, who add gentle bass lines and well-placed guitar swells to provide just the right amount of texture." DL - Seattle Weekly

Redemption and longing

 “Willow is anything but the standard girl with a guitar and a back catalog of Joni Mitchell covers. Her songs take on redemption and longing, destiny and death with a crystalline alto and an undertow of darkness that tugs the songs from below.” ~ The Stranger

Flannery O'Connor of the local music scene

“Willow’s dark, powerful songs make her the Flannery O’Connor of the local music scene” 

The Seattle Times
A soulful, sometimes haunting collection of songs

“Willow Scrivner has seen a lot of the country from the back of an old 1970's station wagon. That's what happens when your father is a preacher and the call of God keeps you moving. "It was in a particular denomination when you are either done with what you were sent to do at that particular church they move you on, or if what you feel your work there at that church isn't getting done, then you move on," said the West Seattle-based singer-songwriter in an interview with Seattle Sounds. The soundtrack to all that moving was an AM radio, "either country or somebody singing and talking about God," Scrivner said. That influence is evident throughout "Radio Sky," the new album from Willow and the Embers. It's a soulful, sometimes haunting collection of songs culled from a lifetime of putting down roots in small town after small town ” MyNorthwest.com

Albuquerque Weekly Alibi

“Her voice has both the strength of a raging tornado and the grace of a light breeze…”
~Rachel Heisler, Albuquerque Weekly Alibi

“Willow & The Embers' new CD, 'Radio Sky,' features dreamy folk with a gothic quality.

“Willow & The Embers' new CD, 'Radio Sky,' features dreamy folk with a gothic quality. The daughter of a Protestant preacher, Willow Scrivner exchanged one life on the road for another as a touring musician. Seattle-based trio Willow & The Embers is nearing the end of its 16-show, 23-day ‘Daughter of a Preacher Man’ tour through the Southwest. The tour is in conjunction with the trio's new album, "Radio Sky," released earlier this year, and stops off at many of the cities where Scrivner's father pastored. Scrivner recalls a childhood spent in the back seat of her family's station wagon. She says her father had seven preaching positions. The new album reflects on Scrivner's childhood in the church, family wanderings and finding comfort in radio and her father's records. The recent recording combines dark, ambient rock, "folk-noir" and "hush-pop" arrangements with Scrivner's haunting, alto vocals; introspective, poetic lyrics; and low, rich bass lines.” ~ Ashland Tribune”